The Patented

Welker Wall Snake

Magnetic Wire-Pulling System

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Features of the Welker Wall Snake:

  • Pull wires from basement to an attic in a two story house without drywall damage.

  • Easily and quickly locate reference points from floor-to-floor, or ceiling to attic.  No need to drill through carpeting or flooring surface.

  • Make a 90� pull from a wall into a blind ceiling when using the Remote Release Tool.

  • Go through a very small wire fishing hole (as small as 7/16" diameter) doing minimal structural damage.

  • Reach spaces inaccessible to the installer, such as under a trailer or the outside wall of a low ceiling attic when using the Automatic Release Tool.

  • Easily add wiring to an existing wall outlet or switch (steel or plastic).

  • Use as a compass when suspended from the pulling string.

  • Use Pulling Magnet without scratching walls.

  • Install surround sound wiring (or any other signal wiring) from TV location to any speaker location with only a small 7/16" hole placed in drywall hidden directly behind speakers.

  • Go from a basement to the center of a first floor room of a 2-story house to install a fixture that was not previously wired, without doing damage to wall or ceiling. (By doing a 90� transition from wall to ceiling.)

  • Use String Magnet as a plumb bob when the eyelet is suspended from the fishing string, eliminating the need for a heavy commercial plumb bob.

  • With a rapid "zig-zag" motion at a slow rate of advance, this tool works well in insulated spaces.

  • Store in a convenient and sturdy storage tube.

  • Make last minute changes in new construction.

  • Kit includes a DVD training video.


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